Kernow Coatings launches new HP Indigo media line featuring Cobalt Coating Technology

Kernow North America (Pittsford, NY) has launched its new KernowPrint for HP Indigo line of printable synthetic materials featuring Cobalt Coating Technology. This new line of ready-to-print and certified synthetic media is designed for HP Indigo users seeking high-performance printable synthetics. KernowPrint for HP Indigo provides a wide range of synthetic solutions including bright-white synthetics, specialty colours, and an expanded range of printable films. Kernow’s new line of HP Indigo ready-to-print media is aimed at helping printers take advantage of the growing trend in synthetic printing. Kernow added that the durable, tear-resistant and long-lasting benefits of printing on synthetics has opened new doors for printers servicing customers in a wide range of markets – and helps those looking to take full advantage of HP Indigo’s printing technology. The RIT-Certified KernowPrint for Indigo range will include KernowPrint Elite bright white synthetic paper, KernowPrint Vivid and Pastel-coloured synthetic media – as well as plans to increase the number of available materials to include vinyl, styrene and specialty media such as metallized films.

KernowPrint for Indigo ready-to-run films feature proprietary Cobalt Coating Technology developed by Kernow. This latest chemistry is the results of years of research and experience creating formulations that optimize the performance of films in the digital printing market. Cobalt for HP Indigo provides an exceptional print surface and maximizes ink adhesion of the HP Indigo inks. Beyond improved print performance, Kernow added, Cobalt also delivers an unmatched level of static control in films and enhanced stability in difficult prints. Cobalt is designed to work with a wide range of print media and performs exceptionally well in all HP Indigo printing equipment.

“There’s been a strong push from our customers and partners for some time to deliver a range of synthetics for HP Indigo that addresses market needs,” said Kernow’s Dan Lawellin. “In putting together this portfolio of products, we’ve consulted industry leaders and relied heavily on customer feedback to create a product set that not only fills market gaps, but takes in to consideration the features and benefits that mean the most to printers.  We’ve tried to address as many of these features as possible, – from stabilizing films for easy multi-shot printing, to utilizing our Cobalt Technology to control static and improve overall print performance on challenging materials.”

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