Kernow launches synthetic sheets for HP Indigo

Kernow Coatings has launched KernowPrint Lucid clear polyester sheets for HP Indigo, a new material made using the company’s proprietary cobalt coating technology. The material is an “ultra-clear” printable film for commercial printing special effects, industrial nameplates and button panel applications.

The polyester-based film delivers high optical clarity and is well-suited for applications requiring high transparency, such as windows and speciality print needs. To aid feeding, the sheets have an opaque paper backing that can be easily removed after printing. Lucid lends itself to high-durability prints that repel liquids, grease and oils, including harsh industrial chemicals. The sheets are available in a range of sizes for any HP Indigo press and come in 105, 130 and 180 micron thicknesses.

‘The success of our cobalt coating technology with customers has been above and beyond anything we expected,’ said Dan Lawellin, HP Indigo materials product manager at Kernow. ‘As customers have come to trust Cobalt, optically clear materials have been one of the top requested products by our closest partners. KernowPrint Lucid for HP Indigo gives us a way to answer those needs with a material that is tough, durable and easy to use. The HP Indigo press is perfectly suited for short run and variable needs of markets such as membrane switches. By providing customers with a new high clarity material, they can take advantage of the digital print technology and further transition business from traditional screen and offset prints to the more lucrative digital presses. Outside of industrial print, we’re seeing designers really jump on this product for layered special effects that add excellent depth to promotion pieces and greeting cards.’

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