Kernow launches wide-format booth in a box

With the KernowJet DecoBox Kernow Coatings has launched a new way to help its distributors show end-users applications rather than  products.

The size of an A4 sheet and 2cm thick, the KernowJet DecoBox is described as “a booth that will fit in every briefcase”. The marketing tool is designed to not only showcase and explain products, but also display possible applications in 3D; while a sales rep explains ­the KernowJet MetaliK film, they will also be able to show a lettering and design applied to a clear surface, for example, like a shop window or a print applied to a board.

The DecoBox includes several offerings for interior decoration including KernowJet FloorSharK, a PVC-free R10 Certified floor graphic film that does not need to be laminated; a printed wall of KernowJet Interiors non-woven wallcoverings in 13 different finishes; mini displays of KernowJet Supreme and Ultimate roll-up and pop-up display solutions; and KernowJet Opaline for backlight which can be illuminated with the mobile phone light to show the colour gamut of the product. The swatchbooks of all available wide-format products are included in the DecoBox.

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