KernowJetFloorSharK makes an impression

Following its recent introduction at FESPA 2017 in Hamburg, Kernow Coatings’ FloorShark floor film is now available from the company’s distribution centres in Europe and the USA.

Developed by the Kernow research and development team, KernowJetFloorSharK is an easy-to-apply, polyester-based floor graphic film, which is designed for application on most hard floors and short-pile carpet tiles.

Typically, it will be used for advertising ad promotional purposes on smooth floors in shopping malls, convention centres, airports and supermarkets.

The Kernow research and developments team has developed a unique “sharkskin” coating technology, which absorbs ink and then hardens to providea slip-resistant surface that is tough enough to resist floor cleaning machines, pallet trucks and stiletto heels.

Directly printable,with all standard ink technologies, without the need for lamination, FloorShark is easy to handle,leaves no residue after removal and is R-10 certificated.

It is available in 1372mm and 1524 mm widths.

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