KernowJet FloorsharK Ultra Tough Floor Graphics

After great success at FESPA in Hamburg a few days ago, Kernow Coatings is excited to announce that KernowJet FloorSharK is now available from distribution centres in Europe, UK and the USA.

Developed by the Kernow R&D team it offers a unique solution for POS display, offering significant benefits to distributors, printers, installation teams and end-users.

KernowJet FloorSharK is an easy-to-apply and remove floor graphic film, designed for most types of hard floors and short-pile carpet tiles. Typically, it will be used in shopping malls, convention centres, airports, and supermarket and on any smooth floors where you want to grab people’s attention.

Features and Benefits

The Kernow R&D team has developed a unique “sharkskin” coating technology. The objective was clear: a slip-resistant surface, tough enough to resist floor cleaning machines, pallet trucks and stiletto heels, directly printable without the need to laminate with all standard inks, easy to handle and no residues after removal. Garry Hume, Kernow Business Development Manager, stated “We set a tough list of deliverables to the R&D team and they surpassed all expectations – we have just raised the bar several notches in the floor graphic market!”

KernowJet FloorSharK is manufactured on an ultra-strong polyester base. Its “sharkskin” coating absorbs the ink which then hardens to a tough, non-slip surface. R10-certificated, it is also very scratch resistant.

KernowJet FloorSharK does not need to be laminated, offering a far wider colour gamut and display “punch” versus traditional laminated floor graphics.

KernowJet FloorSharK, is printable with (eco)solvent, UV curable and Latex inks (HP-Latex certification pending), is available in 1372mm and 1524 mm widths to improve production workflow (less strips to apply) and saves further time, as no lamination is required. Later, installers can easily peel the tear-resistant film off the floor in one piece, with no post-cleaning.

End-users will like the toughness even in hardest conditions, the quality of colours, the slip-resistance even when wet and ease in cleaning the graphic with normal floor cleaning solutions.


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