Our working environment has changed, and with new hygiene and social distancing guidelines in place, we've developed a range of synthetic media products designed to support businesses and keep customers and employees safe.

Our specialist team are always on-hand to give you help on products and applications


NEW FloorSharK Dry Toner floor graphics

Made of ultra-tough polyester, the world’s first approved floor graphic for dry toner is the fastest way to produce anti-slip certified floor graphics that are extra durable, without the need to laminate.

KernowPrint® FloorSharK® is the only dry toner floor graphic rigorously tested and certified for slip resistance with a unique sharkskin coating. It’s perfect for indoor environments, and can be applied to all smooth and hard floors, including low pile carpet tiles.

Benefits include:

  • Unique sharkskin coating – R10 certified
  • Great printability – fast drying
  • No need to laminate – print & apply
  • Resists heavy foot traffic – from heels to trucks

Unlike other floor graphics, FloorSharK® doesn’t shrink and there’s no risk of the edge peeling or gumming up. Better yet, it’s easy to remove – all in one piece and no residue.


KernowPrint PRO Dry Toner Matt White Antimicrobial

Powered by Biomaster, Kernow Print Dry Toner Matt white PRO Antimicrobial can be a very powerful ally in protecting product surfaces.  It can easily be cleaned with soapy water, bleach or safely disinfected with a wide variety of alcohol and solvent based cleaning agents, and pro-actively prevents the growth of bacteria on treated surfaces, reducing opportunities for bacterial growth.  Antimicrobial efficacy >99% even with image coverage up to 100%.

It also inhibits the growth of common food-poisoning bacteria on treated surfaces.

Ideal for: 

  • Menus in restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and takeaways
  • Printed materials used in schools, nurseries and colleges
  • Signage and documents in hospitals and clinics

Reduce print production by half with no lamination required: durable, tear, water and alcohol resistant and now safer with inbuilt Antimicrobial.


KernowJet KlearGuard protective film

Over time, many surfaces can become damaged, scratched, and scuffed, providing tiny areas that trap these particles and can lead to a build up of debris and potential contaminates.

Kernow’s KlearGuard delivers a versatile, easy to clean, and ultra-durable solution to turn any surface into a wipeable, cleanable, scratch resistant area,  even with repeated use and cleaning.

Benefits include:

  • Permanent adhesion to a variety of surfaces
  • Stays smooth & won’t trap debris in scratches
  • Clean with solvents, alcohol & disinfectants
  • Stain resistant and chemical proof

KlearGuard can be safely disinfected with a wide variety of alcohol and solvent based cleaning agents, and even resists staining from permanent marker.


FloorSharK for Wide Format indoor floor graphics

KernowJet FloorSharK is a unique floor graphics solution for indoor applications. It is perfect for retail stores, supermarkets & shopping centres, airports, travel hubs, convention centres, ideal for all smooth hard floors from concrete to tiling also including low pile carpets tiles.

Its unique sharkskin coating dries to a hard slip-resistant surface.

Benefits include:

  • Unique sharkskin coating absorbs the ink & dries tough
  • Eliminates the need to laminate
  • Easy to apply & easy to remove, does not tear into small pieces when removing
  • No shrinkage – no risk of a rim of dirty adhesive forming

Tear-resistant and PVC free.  The coating offers a high R10-certified slip resistance and eliminates the need to laminate.


NEW KernowJet RoadSharK exterior floor signage

The NEW KernowJet RoadSharK 200XFG is a textured multi-core film with high conformability and optimised pressure sensitive adhesive for exterior floor signage applications.

With a more aggressive texture surface, KernowJet RoadSharK 200XFG is perfect for outdoor applications on concrete paving, bitumen, brickwork and asphalt or uneven surfaces for up to 3 to 6 month’s exterior durability (dependant on footfall and surface).

Benefits include:

  • Suitable for low slip potential in dry and wet conditions
  • Suitable for solvent and latex ink

RoadSharK helps reduce print production by half with no lamination required, the ideal solution to take social distancing to an outdoor environment.