The need for speed as digital print sets to overtake the market by 2027

Published by AMI-admin on 12th Aug 2022

With increased customer demand, digital print will see a significant growth rate of 5.7% over the next five years. A recent global industry report has predicted that the digital printing market will grow at a rate of 5.7% between now and 2027, taking its estimated value to $189.8 billion by 2027.

Closing the gap on traditional offset printing across multiple applications, digital printing offers customers a host of benefits;

Kernow Coatings Ltd | The need for speed as digital print sets to overtake the market by 2027 0

1. Cost-effective
With the option for short to medium print runs, digital printing is the most flexible and cost-effective printing solution for customers, allowing print-on-demand at a desired quantity.

2. Faster turnaround time
With no set up of traditional plates, the printing process for digital printing is minimal, offering a quicker response and delivery time.

3. Personalisation
Using Variable Data Printing (VDP), digital printing offers personalisation to help capture the attention of your target audience.

4. Wider choice of ink colours and materials
Unleash unlimited creative designs with endless ink colour options on a wider range of materials.

With flexibility and creative innovation across multiple applications, top three trends in digital print over the next five years have been identified:

1. A move towards shorter commissions
There is an increased demand for short print runs for orders required to be produced on-demand at a faster turnaround time. This allows for reprints to be ordered as and when required, resulting in less wastage and at more accurate costs.

2. Budgets to target higher returns
With a wider range of inks, coatings and materials available, digital printing can produce added value applications as well as deliver greater flexibility on budget.

3. Significant enhancements in digital print quality
With the development and introduction of new and innovative digital print technology in the market to meet the demands of offset-like quality results and the expanding possibilities for applications, digital print will increasingly become a highly attractive option.

With exciting developments ahead for the future of digital print combined with our unbeatable reputation for the best digitally printable synthetics in the market, take a look at our most popular high performance digital synthetic media solutions available for all types of applications across a wide range of industries:

KernowPrint® Dry Toner range

Our KernowPrint® Dry Toner range is the perfect on-demand digital synthetic media solution for when you need something tougher, for longer. Designed for short-run dry toner printing on digital laser/toner printers and copiers, it has optimised print performance for outstanding print quality and excellent durability with maximum flexibility from one single print to thousands, saving both time and money.
And now with inbuilt antimicrobial protection, our cleanable KernowPrint Dry Toner products with stain, tear, water and alcohol resistant features provide a more hygienic and durable solution than standard synthetic or laminated papers.

KernowJet Wide-Format range

The KernowJet range delivers high performance, fast drying, vibrant and unique solutions for the wide-format display market. Compatible with solvent, latex and UV inks and available in a comprehensive range of sizes that can be customised to specific lengths and widths, it suits a variety of decorative and promotional applications designed for the floor, window and wall. Take a look at the innovative range:

KernowJet FloorShark®

KernowPrint® FloorSharK® for dry toner is the fastest way to produce vibrant and extra-durable floor graphics, without the need to laminate. Designed for most types of smooth hard floors and shirt-pile carpet tiles, it is easy-to-apply and remove, leaving no residue. Made from ultra-tough textured polyester and with a unique sharkskin coating, it is fire-rated and certified with an R10 Anti Slip Rating, putting customer safety first. A top choice for areas of heavy footfall such as airports, shopping centres and supermarkets, it is ideal for creating attention grabbing in-store offers and promotions.

KernowJet WallShark®

KernowJet WallShark® is a PVC-free, highly tear-resistant, self-adhesive film suitable for application on smooth walls indoors. It is printable with all standard wide-format inks offering a wide colour gamut. The textured ‘sharkskin’ top coating of this unique wall graphic solution absorbs the ink which then hardens into a very tough, scratch-resistant surface. It is manufactured on an ultra-strong thick polyester base, which will enable the applier to handle WallShark easily and reposition it while applying, without any distortion. Absolutely shrink-free, it enables easy, seamless butt joint application. Hard-wearing and durable, it is the perfect solution for POS, museums, hotels, restaurants and much more.

KernowJet Supreme

In a world where roll-up and pop-up displays are ever more price-driven, as part of our unique range of creative solutions, you will also find KernowJet Supreme – the brilliant solution for printing companies running latex, solvent, eco-solvent and UV printers. Suitable for many other applications including hanging banners, interior and exterior signage and much more, KernowJet Supreme meets the imaging and commercial needs of both digital printers and their customers.

At Kernow, our wide range of innovative and truly unique digital synthetic media products are more than just printable substrates, they are solutions that deliver exceptional customer-converting results. No matter how simple or complex your requirement, we are here to develop the perfect solution for you. Get in touch with our team of experts today.