The Power of Visual Variety

Published by Ben Lean on 15th May 2023

The Power of Visual Variety

Over the past few years, the printing industry has witnessed a significant transformation in our working environments. With the shift to remote work, there has been a greater emphasis on creating self-stimulating spaces that foster productivity and motivation. Visual stimulation plays a vital role in convergent creative thinking, influencing problem-solving abilities and inspiring imaginative thoughts. However, the monotony of the same four walls has started to take its toll on those working from home. As businesses look to bring employees back to the office, even on a hybrid basis, providing visual variety has become a growing trend. This can take the form of vibrant wall coverings and motivational quotes in communal areas, as well as interactive communication tools like CrankWheel® that enhance engagement.

According to the RICS Commercial Property Market Survey, Q1 2022, there has been a notable increase in the demand for office space as more businesses encourage their teams to return to work. It is essential to ensure that the workplace environment influences productivity and leaves workers satisfied with their regular commute. Utilizing workspace walls has become an important aspect of this endeavor, and several emerging trends have been observed.

One such trend is the showcasing of company values and ethos through bold and colorful wall graphics in large office areas. These eye-catching displays serve as constant reminders to employees as they pass by communal walls or utilize meeting spaces throughout the day. Wellbeing spaces have also gained significance, with businesses prioritizing employee mental health. Creating smaller, quieter respite areas with appealing décor allows individuals to take a break from work, sit, reflect, and relax. Wall coverings play a crucial role in transforming these spaces into inviting and rejuvenating environments.

The need for visual variety extends beyond the workplace. Hotels, restaurants, and coffee shops are recognizing the importance of enhancing curb appeal through creative wall coverings and signage. Public spaces have become popular gathering spots, fostering collaboration and networking opportunities. As architect Kelly Hayes McAlonie suggests, there is an air of informality and enhanced group dynamics in these settings compared to formal meeting rooms or digital platforms.

While creating vibrant and colorful workspaces is desirable, it is essential to consider the cost, both financial and environmental. Sustainability has become a key investment rather than a mere cost. Consumers increasingly expect brands to demonstrate clear sustainability practices, while businesses view sustainability as a long-term opportunity to be exploited. Kernow Coatings is committed to meeting these expectations by providing sustainable print materials and solutions. Our KernowJet Interiors Recyclable, a 100% recyclable wallcovering, exemplifies our dedication to sustainability in the wide-format printing industry. By choosing Kernow Coatings, you can create visually appealing spaces while contributing to a greener future.



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