Walk this way… how floor graphics can be the route to successful marketing

Published by AMI-admin on 5th Aug 2021

The use of printed floor graphics has rocketed since the start of the pandemic.  We now see social distancing messages everywhere we go, but what does the future hold for floor graphics when it comes to other applications such as advertising and promotions?

One reason that floor graphics have become so popular in recent years is the increase in smartphone usage, with one study reporting that 60% of adults now prioritise looking at their smartphones over walking.  A potentially hazardous decision that many of us now subconsciously make, but the outcome is that we are spending more and more time looking at the ground!

The opportunity to create eye-catching, innovative floor graphics for advertising and promotions have never been greater, as businesses are discovering that the most underutilised advertising space is actually staring us right in the face.

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Here we look at the top three questions printers and businesses ask when considering producing floor graphics…

Are they expensive to produce?

In comparison to taking out an advert, running a radio campaign or paying for outdoor advertising space, floor graphics are highly cost effective.  Not only are you reserving an exclusive area for your advertising or promotional message, but you’re also getting your business right in front of the consumer.  In a time where we are all suffering from digital fatigue, printed advertising has become almost novel, and promotions can be brought to life with quirky design ideas and creative marketing campaigns.  If looking to create graphics up to SRA3 size, then FloorSharK Dry Toner is the perfect solution.  Made of ultra-tough polyester, that’s extra durable without the need to laminate.  KernowPrint® FloorSharK® is the only dry toner floor graphic rigorously tested and certified for slip resistance with a unique sharkskin coating.

 How easy are they to create?

If you’re looking to start out creating circular, A4 size floor graphics then templates can easily be downloaded and you can get your creative juices flowing! You’ll need a dry toner printer to be able to print out your finished design and you won’t have to worry about shrinkage or risk of the edge peeling or gumming up. Better yet, it’s easy to remove – all in one piece and no residue.  FloorSharK Dry Toner is the World’s first dry toner floor graphic meaning that you don’t need a wide format printer to be able to produce your own graphics.  Your ideas could include producing way markers leading to a part of the store which showcases a certain promotion, or feature discount codes for customers to quote when they get to the checkout.

However, if you are looking for something a little more ambitious then we can also provide you with our traditional wide format FloorSharK product.  Wide format floor graphics allow you to dabble with 2D/3D designs or larger designs such as this one which was produced to inspire travellers on their next destination!

Are there any limitations?

Floor graphics allow you to bring your ideas to life.  Whether it’s small format in-house graphics or large, elaborate wide format designs, FloorSharK provides the material for you to be able to create it.  Our team of skilled lab technicians (and the creators of FloorSharK) have found limitations with cheaper, inferior products.  Floor graphic materials that haven’t been tried and tested can result in problems with durability and be prone to wear and tear.  Anti-slip certification is of paramount importance to avoid potential accidents or injuries in a customer environment, and of course, your chosen floor graphics material must be able to do your designs justice and produce vibrant, hard-wearing prints.

It’s safe to say that the flexibility and cost efficiency of printed floor graphics over other forms of advertising are only set to grow as more businesses realize their potential.  If you’d like to try FloorSharK for yourself simply get in touch and we’ll send samples out to you!