Water Based Coatings

Our Research and Development Team are all working to ensure that recyclability is at the forefront of our design criteria for products we launch into the marketplace. Using creative formulation skills and in-depth knowledge gained over 40 years in the coating industry, Kernow is at the forefront of aqueous coating technology. Even when technically far more challenging to do so, we systematically default to creating waterbased layers when creating new and replacement products. The vast majority of our coatings by volume are now aqueous-based. We can make water-based coatings so tough and durable there is no need to use other, more impactful to the environment chemistries, in the vast majority of applications. Water-based formulations have very significant environmental benefits versus solvent-based layers.

They include:— Being kinder to the environment, as water is used as the mixing/dispersion fluid

— No volatile organic compounds vented to atmosphere

— Water is safer for everyone, staff, customers and the environment

— Water can be used to wash-down an aqueous coating machine

— Solvents have to be manufactured using energy and are often harsh petro-chemicals

— Solvent has to be used to wash down a solvent-based lacquer so far more harmful than disposing of grey water waste


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