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KernowPrint (PET) FloorShark® for Dry Toner - (UK - 160HTFG | US - P46)

The only dry toner floor graphic tested and certified for slip resistance with a unique sharkskin coating.

KernowPrint PRO Clear Gloss - Perm - (UK - 053HCXF, 053HCXP, 053HCX14 | US - P36, P37, P41)

Permanent adhesive labels that are designed for high-quality printing and long-lasting attachment.

KernowPrint PRO White Gloss - Perm - (UK - 053HGX14, 053HGXF, 053HGXP | US - P41)

Permanent Adhesive Labels with unwavering adhesion and exceptional print quality.

KernowPrint PRO White Matt - Perm - (UK - 060HWXF, 060HWXP, 060HWX14 | US - P38, P42)

Permanent adhesive labels with superior printing quality and steadfast attachment.

KernowPrint PRO Matt White - Ultra removable - (UK - 060HWU14 | US - P44)

Ultra removable labels with premium printing quality and residue-free removal.

KernowPrint PRO Matt Silver - Perm - (UK - 060HMSXP | US - )

Labels with a matt silver finish that combine exceptional print quality and steadfast attachment.